The ERISAfire family is so glad to have partnered with WhitleyPenn to provide a Form 5500 experience that will allow you to focus more on your core business and less on government filings.

Through this partnership with ERISAfire we will be able to do more than just prepare 5500s: included with all Form 5500 services is a sophisticated, hyper-customized welfare benefits compliance calendar, which provides detailed benefits compliance information specific to your company’s welfare benefit plan.

To get started, here's what we need:

  1. An email address for your broker, so we can be proactive about fetching benefit information and Schedules A without requiring you to do any legwork.
  2. Current year open enrollment guide. This is the guide that was most recently given to employees that describes the current year's benefits.
  3. Your wrap plan document, if you have one, or confirmation that you don't.
  4. Your two most recent open enrollment guides.
  5. Any Schedules A you have received to date.

If you don't have all of these at your fingertips, it's OK; just send us what you have available and an email address for your broker.  We'll take it from there. You can reply and attach documents, or you can drag-and-drop them into our secure messenger here.

Here's how to get it to us:

Just drag-and-drop it into the secure ERISAfire messenger (the little blue guy) or email it to us

Watch us work our magic.

With this information, the ERISAfire team is able to begin your plan document or Form 5500 filing and complete an initial compliance audit.  Once we have a draft of you plan document or Form 5500, we'll reach back out to you with additional questions or concerns.  All-in-all, we strive to be more efficient, thorough, and precise.

Have a Question?

Remember, if you have questions any time during the project, contact us via email, phone, or ping us on the in-app messenger (the little blue guy in the corner).  An ERISAfire customer success specialist is waiting to help you.

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