Our merry band of ERISA geeks is ready to assist you with a formal ERISA plan document. We know plan docs are a chore, so we hope to make this as easy as possible for you, while still ensuring it's done right.

You'll find our approach to be quite a bit different than other firms, and we hope you'll see the difference it makes. To start with, we don't use intake forms; we use our brains. Intake forms force you to make representations about many concepts relating to the benefit plan with serious compliance implications. If you're hiring an expert, why should the expert require you to make those judgments and fill in the blanks on a form?

ERISAfire doesn't do that. Instead, we ask for a few key pieces of information and perform a compliance review. Then we start preparing the plan document. No intake forms. No extra work on your part; that's why you pay us.

Requesting a Plan Document

The easiest way to engage ERISAfire for your or your client's plan doc is to ping us on the in-app messenger (friendly blue guy in the lower right-hand corner) here or on ERISAfire Projects. Click the in-app messenger to send us a chat. Please include:

  • Company name

  • EIN

  • Plan year

  • Headquarters address and phone number

If we have access to your agency management system, all we need is the company name and EIN. We'll already know who you are if you're logged into ERISAfire Projects. We'll follow up with you when it's time to start the project, requesting any additional information at that time.

I'm in a Hurry to Get Things Done. What Do You Need From Me?

If you'd like to reduce cycle times, we will be asking for the following, which you are welcome to send up front.

For companies with 2-749 employees:

  1. Identifying Information: EIN, company headquarters' address and phone number

  2. Employer Coverage Lines: Current and previous plan year coverages and benefits. Why 2 years? You'd be surprised what year-over-year trends can tell us.

  3. Open Enrollment Guides: Current and previous plan year open enrollment guides

  4. Plan Documentation: Does the company have a formal ERISA plan document (aka wrap doc)? If so, please share it with us. If not, please confirm there is not one.

  5. Billing Information: Billing contact name, email and phone number. Don't worry, we bill at the end of the project, not the beginning.

For retainer clients and companies with 750+ employees:

  • All information requested above

  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs): Does the company have any self-insured benefits? If so, please provide the SPDs or booklets for any self-insured benefits.

  • Benefits Contracts: For each insured benefit, please provide the policy contract and certificate of coverage.

  • FSA/DCAP/HSA/HRA: Does the company offer a Healthcare FSA, Dependent Care FSA, Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account? If so, please provide any additional documentation.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the in-app messenger (friendly blue guy in the lower right-hand corner) here or on ERISAfire Projects.

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