ERISAfire takes great care to ensure the initial compliance calendar setup is accurate, but as coverages and plan details change, the data can become stale, and compliance calendar events may no longer be accurate. Ensuring proper and timely notification of compliance action items requires that plan details continue to be up-to-date. Here's how to do it.

1. Go to the Plan Manager

If you're already on the compliance calendar site for the company you're wanting to update, just click the navigation button for the plan manager.

If you're on the ERISAfire Projects dashboard, find the company you're wanting to update, and click the plan manager button.

2. Select the ERISA Plan Year to Update

Check the most recently completed plan year's details because most compliance events relate to the prior plan year. Then make sure this year's details are correct. If you know of any changes to next year's benefits, make those updates, too.

3. Update Counts and Coverages

Look for carrots or down arrows. Everywhere you see a carrot, you can do something.

To update employee counts and open enrollment dates, go here:

To add a coverage or benefit to this ERISA plan, go here:

To change or remove an existing coverage or benefit, go here:

4. Refresh the Compliance Calendar

Once you change the details of a plan, the compliance calendar needs to be refreshed. Navigate to the company's compliance calendar, click the carrot and select "Regenerate All Tasks."

5. Celebrate!

The company's compliance calendar is all up-to-date, and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the right people will be notified when it's time to work on a compliance project!

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