Whether ERISAfire is preparing your wrap document or completing your Form 5500, you'll find our approach to be quite a bit different than other firms.  To start with, we don't use intake forms; we use our brains. Intake forms force you to make representations about many concepts relating to the benefit plan with serious compliance implications. If you're hiring an expert, why should the expert require you to fill in the blanks on a form? 

ERISAfire doesn't do that. Instead, we ask for a few key pieces of information and perform a compliance audit. Then we start preparing the plan document or Form 5500. No intake forms. No extra work on your part; that's why you pay us.

To get started, here's what we need:

  1.  Employer EIN, biographical and benefit information. These can be either screenshots or a report from your agency management system or typed out in an email.
  2. Current year open enrollment guide. This is the guide that was most recently given to employees that describes the current year's benefits.
  3. The open enrollment guide for the previous year's benefits. Yes, we want two years of open enrollment guides. You'd be surprised what year-over-year trends can tell us.
  4. Whatever is currently being used as plan documents. This may be a formal wrap document, or it could be a stack of insurance carrier policies and certificates.

Here's how to get it to us:

Just drag-and-drop it into the secure ERISAfire messenger (the little blue guy) or email it to us

Watch us work our magic.

With this information, the ERISAfire team is able to begin your plan document or Form 5500 filing and complete an initial compliance audit.  Once we have a draft of you plan document or Form 5500, we'll reach back out to you with additional questions or concerns.  All-in-all, we strive to be more efficient, thorough, and precise.

Have a Question?

Remember, if you have questions any time during the project, contact us via email, phone, or ping us on the in-app messenger (the little blue guy in the corner).  An ERISAfire customer success specialist is waiting to help you.

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