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Securely sending files to ERISAfire

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ERISAfire sets itself apart from other compliance outfits in large part because of our analytical capabilities. To do that, we're going to need certain documents and information. Here's how to get them to us securely.

Use ERISAfire's Secure In-App Messenger

Our in-app messenger is a one-stop-shop for communication, including delivery of documents and other files to us. The messenger is encrypted, so it can be used to pass along sensitive information, and it can accommodate files too large for email (up to 40MB). 

There are two ways to use the messenger to send files.


Good Ol' Paperclip

Send files as attachments via email

Just send your files as attachments to By default, ERISAfire email servers are encrypted so long as your sending email server has TLS encryption enabled. 

Side note: Nearly every corporate email server has TLS encryption enabled. If in doubt, enter your email domain—e.g.,—into this handy encrypted email checker.

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