Deactivating a Company

  1. Login to ERISAfire Projects. Upon login, you’ll see your dashboard. Click on the members button located on the far left to go to the members page for your agency.

2. On the members page, you should see two tables. The Users table on the left shows your agency colleagues in ERISAfire Projects, and the Employers table on the right shows the employer-client companies your agency represents. Only employer-clients for whom ERISAfire provides benefits compliance services will be listed.

3. In the Employers table, find the company that your agency is no longer representing.

4. Click on the toggle button on the same row as the employer-client company you'd like to deactivate. This action removes the association of this employer-client company with your agency.

5. A dialogue box will appear to confirm deactivation. Click Yes. This company has now been deactivated in ERISAfire Projects. You and your colleagues will no longer be able to view compliance projects associated with this employer-client company.

Questions? If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the in-app messenger (friendly blue guy in the lower right-hand corner) here or on ERISAfire Projects.

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