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Hyper-Customized Compliance Calendar
Hyper-Customized Compliance Calendar

What you need to know about your ERISAfire compliance calendar

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At the end of a compliance project, ERISAfire will create a hyper-customized compliance calendar specific to each employer's welfare benefits program. It will send proactive email alerts both the employer and broker account team about upcoming benefits compliance obligations.

What is a compliance calendar?

  • Sophisticated calendar of compliance events and tasks specific to an employer's welfare benefits program

  • No more sifting through irrelevant information

  • Proactive email alerts sent to both the broker and employer

  • Companion research database with articles linked to each event and task

  • Instant access to ERISAfire compliance specialists via the in-app messenger

How do I access my (or my client's) compliance calendar?

When a compliance calendar is ready, both the employer and broker can view an employer's customized compliance calendar by clicking on the "Compliance Calendar" button next to the company's name on the dashboard in ERISAfire Projects. The "Plan Manager" button will take you to a summary of the company's welfare benefit offerings.

​Employer View

Broker View

Who receives a compliance calendar?

ERISAfire creates custom compliance calendars for employers with Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 plan documents; Forms 5500; and all employer legal service retainers at no additional cost.

When is a compliance calendar updated?

Each year an employer has one of the aforementioned compliance projects with ERISAfire, one of ERISAfire's compliance specialists will update the employer's welfare benefits offerings in its plan manager, so its compliance calendar features all the relevant benefits compliance obligations. This annual update occurs at the end of a compliance project.

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