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Technical Stuff: ERISAfire Compliance Email Deliverability
Technical Stuff: ERISAfire Compliance Email Deliverability

Ensuring that Human Resource Teams and Their Broker-Consultants Get the Right Compliance Information at the Right Time

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What Is ERISAfire, and Why Am I Being Asked to Do Something?

ERISAfire is multidisciplinary team of professionals assisting your HR department with benefits compliance and risk management. One of ERISAfire's tools is a sophisticated employee benefits compliance platform that provides time-sensitive, specific, actionable information to human resource teams and their benefits broker-consultants. You're likely reading this because one of the benefits or human resource folks at your company (or a client company) is having some trouble receiving ERISAfire email.

What Am I Being Asked to Do?

Please Whitelist the Domain

By the time you see this we've investigated on our end and verified that emails have been sent properly. We've also asked the user to check his/her local spam folder as a first step before contacting you. So now we are kindly requesting that you please whitelist the domain and/or add to your safe sender's list. Depending on what service you use for email firewall and spam filtering, you may need to use different domain name syntax. 

If your email firewall and/or spam filter permits wildcard identification of subdomains, please add:

  • *

If your email firewall/spam filter does not allow wildcards, please add:


  • and


If wildcards are not permitted, you may need to update your whitelist domain listings in the future if ERISAfire services expand to use other subdomains.

Why Should I Do That?

ERISAfire uses widely accepted and trusted third-party services like Intercom and SendGrid to send email on our behalf. These services use rotating IP addresses, so at this time IP address whitelisting is not a practical solution. That said, the dev team at ERISAfire has gone to great lengths to ensure proper email deliverability. Third parties that send email on ERISAfire's behalf have been properly authenticated, both by SPF and DKIM/DomainKeys protocols.

More information about these services' authentication protocols can be found at the links below.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about ERISAfire email security, or for advanced email deliverability troubleshooting send us a note or ping us on the in-app messenger.

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