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Form 5500: The ERISAfire Process
Form 5500: The ERISAfire Process

What you need to know about completing your Form 5500 with ERISAfire.

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If you've worked with us before, you may have noticed our approach to Forms 5500 is a bit different than other firms. We hope to make the process as easy as possible for you while still ensuring it's done right.

Form 5500 projects are managed through ERISAfire Projects—our web-based project management app that makes it easier to keep track of all your compliance projects.

🔥 Register for ERISAfire Projects: Check your email for the registration invitation from the ERISAfire team or register directly on

What We Need From You

Login to ERISAfire Projects and access the project page by clicking on the orange project card labeled “2021 Form 5500" (shown above). On the project page you will be able to see your action items:

  • Provide Documents: Send the documents listed on your project page as soon as they’re available. You can securely message us or send files via the in-app messenger (friendly blue guy in the bottom right-hand corner). For more information, read How to Send Us Stuff.

  • Schedule A Reports: Our automated Schedule A Tracker starts fetching Schedule A reports for you as soon as the carrier contact information is completed. We pre-populate what we know, but need you to fill in a few details like current policy numbers and carrier contact emails. You can check back anytime to track the status of our fetching efforts—just click the “Schedule A Tracker” link on the project page.

  • Confirm/Provide Essential Information: We’ve done most of the work for you by pre-populating details from documents that have already been provided to us. Click through 10 questions to confirm what’s there, add a few participant counts and any other missing information. Click “Launch Interview” to get started. For details on what information you'll need to have handy, read Getting Started with ERISAfire: Form 5500.


Why don't I see an interview link on my project page?

If you don't see an interview link, this means that we still need the client’s open enrollment guide, plan document or other requested documentation. Once we receive the appropriate documents, we’ll review them and notify you when the essential information interview link is available.

Do I have to request the Schedules A myself?

No. Our automated Schedule A Tracker fetches them for you once you've updated or confirmed the carrier contact information via the link on your project page.

Will I get a chance to review the draft Form 5500 before it's sent for signature
and filed?

Yes. Both the broker and employer-client are notified when the Form 5500 is ready for review. You'll find drafting notes, clarifying questions and compliance findings on your project page.

How do I know that the Form 5500 has been filed and submitted on time?

You can view the status of your project anytime in ERISAfire Projects. We'll notify you when final documents have been posted to the project page for you to view and download. Final documents will include the submitted Form 5500, filing confirmation, summary annual report (SAR) and, if applicable, a written legal opinion from one of our ERISA attorneys.

Questions? If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out via the in-app messenger (friendly blue guy in the lower right-hand corner) here or on ERISAfire Projects.

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