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Making Sure You Receive ERISAfire Emails
Making Sure You Receive ERISAfire Emails

Keeping ERISAfire Compliance Email out of Spam Traps

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While ERISAfire offers exceptional in-app communications, there are still all sorts of communications from ERISAfire are sent via email, including:

  • User invitations

  • Password resets

  • Compliance event reminders and activity feeds

  • Compliance question/answer communication

It's essential that these messages reach your email inbox. So why might you not be receiving them, and what can you do about it?

1. Check Local Spam Folder

An obvious first step, but it bears mentioning. If the message is in your spam folder, mark it as "Not Junk" or "Not Spam" to make sure future messages are not similarly hidden from you.

2. Ask Your IT Department to Whitelist the Domain

If the message you're expecting is not in your spam folder, then it's very likely being blocked by your company's firewall or server-side spam filter, and an IT person will need to whitelist the domain. Start a ticket or send an email to your IT department or person with a link to this ERISAfire help article. The issue can very likely be resolved with just a few quick keystrokes by the person who manages email firewalls and filters.

3. Contact Us

If domain whitelisting doesn't do the trick and ERISAfire emails are still not getting to you, let us know right away. 

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